The Easiest WayTo Setup A VPN Server at Home

You may be aware of what A VPN is? If not then it is necessary that you should be aware of A VPN before going for VPN Server launch.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a kind of private network set among multiple computers to build a secure network for communication. A VPN helps its users to securely connect to other computers on the same network, unblock sites and use IPs from far locations in the world and go anonymous online.

As Internet has become a vulnerable place for data security and privacy, VPNs have been greatly helpful in keeping away prying eyes and securing user privacy.

Having your own VPN can help you in the following ways,

  1. Offices get securely connected to their many employees with the VPNs.
  2. They allow you to unblock sites of great value, such as entertainment sites Netflix and hulu, the countries like Iran and China ban popular sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter where VPNs come to rescue for accessing such sites.
  3. While travelling abroad to countries with heavy internet censorship or blocked by Hulu and Netflix, your own VPN Server can help you in a great way.

The VPN helps you build safe and secure communication networks. You can easily set up a VPN server on your own device, along with many useful networking features through following easy ways…

set up vpn server easily

Setting VPN server with LogMeIn

logmein vpn free

LogMeIn is a best tool to set up your own VPN server and its best part is that it’s Free of cost. All you need to do in order to set up a VPN, is to install the LogMeIn software on your computer which you wish to serve as the network host and then connect another PC from a different location to form a private network through its program, you can join more PCs to the same network with the help of its network ID. The other computers on the network can accessed through LogMeIn dashboard.

The paid version has some best features which you can purchase at $69.95 per year. For more help the user guide by the LogMeIn can be accessed.

Comodo Unite VPN Serer Setup

Formerly Easy VPN, Comodo Unite is another nice tool to build your own VPN server. The private network created through Unite is encrypted and secure and setting up is much easy. The set up begins with download and install of Unite. You will need to register your account on the software. After that you need to create and name the private network. Now it’s time to install and register similarly on another PC, now click on the “Join a network” tab and enter the credentials of the same network you just created.

That’s it, you are done you have just created a secure private network with the help of Unite. Download files, share it to others on the network with encryption.

Gbridge VPN

VPN Server Set Up With Gbridge

Gbridge  is an unpopular in other words under rated VPN tool which is much useful for creating private networks just like the other tools in the industry. The free software helps the users with creating secure networks easily to securely share files, sync folders, access PCs remotely and chat with others privately. The software supports windows operating system only.

It is an extension of Gtalk by Google and uses its servers too. You need to sign with your Gmail to access its features after it is installed on your PC. It starts working once you enter name of your computer as hostname. The application uses VNC client to connect remote PCs securely.

Hope this post helped you in creating your own VPN server. Tell us your favorite way of building VPN server in the comments section below. If you liked this post please take a little time to share it for others…!

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