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free-pptp-vpn-serviceNot everything good has a price, few quality things can be acquired without any cost. Things like VPN services come in both free and paid versions with slight change in service features.

A lot of internet users love to use free internet tools, same is the case when it comes for tools for internet anonymity with Free PPTP VPN Services.


Here is the list of best free PPTP VPN services which are used free of any charges by the internet users in the world. The list also includes some limited time free services which can be upgraded to access with full features.

But before the free PPTP VPN services list, please have a look at some basic things about PPTP VPN.

PPTP VPN in a NutShell

The PPTP VPN service which operates on the model of client server set up, needs different computers to operate through PPTP server, PPTP client and network server. It is widely accepted as best security protocol offered in VPN services due to its cutting-edge PAP, CAP and EAP authentications.

It was introduced by Microsoft, hence can be used in the windows OS versions. Not only this but it supports other major operating systems in the world such as Mac, iOS, Android and Linux making it much demanded VPN protocol.

It doesn’t needs any customization because of preset configuration compatible to all major operating systems. PPTP VPN protocol is also much preferred because it has the lowest risk of being blocked due to its Microsoft backed TCP port usage.


Following is the list of top free PPTP VPN service providers with details about their logging policies and supported protocols.



Protocols supported


Yes (IP and Time) PPTP– OpenVPN

Your Freedom

Unknown PPTP– OpenVPN – Proxy



Security Kiss

Unknown PPTP

VPN Reactor

Unknown PPTP


Why Free PPTP VPN Service is Used?

There could be a plenty of reasons why one may need free PPTP VPN service, including the following.

  1. You are an avid vpn user who needs best vpn service, and in quest of finding the best vpn service you may need to test different services of popular PPTP VPNs.
  2. You may need VPN for a limited time and looking for some free trial based PPTP VPN tools. That you later may decide to keep for permanent basis.
  3. To unblock some important websites which are inaccessible the other way. Such Free PPTP VPN service are the best tools to do the trick of unblocking from any location of the world.
  4. In order to keep up with latest happening in the country you need to access some sites which are banned due to government censorship, previously during uprising and riots in Turkey the trend for free PPTP VPN services jumped to new record highs.

Possible Drawbacks of Using A Free PPTP VPN

  1. You may feel good about having a free PPTP VPN service at first, but the free version of the many companies do not include all the good features you need, hence you need to look for alternate sources or go for a premium account.
  2. The free VPN versions might not be reliable enough for your privacy and other data.
  3. One major drawback of limited speed has been reported by many free PPTP VPN users. The streaming sites may not be as pleasing to you with Free VPN as usually without a VPN
  4. The customer care support is not given to free users. That means if you are stuck somewhere you need to totally depend over your own expertise and internet research skills.
  5. One top drawback also includes the flooded ads during your web browsing, leaving you dealing with annoying popups and other type of ads.
  6. There are certain vpn services tagged as FREE which may only work to collect important user data. Beware of such service and avoid them for your own online data safety.


Though free vpn services look good but they have their drawbacks of serious kind. Until unless you are an expert in the safeguarding your online privacy and personal data you shouldn’t be going for any free PPTP VPN service. Even if you select one free PPTP VPN service for your needs make sure to select a popular and reliable free PPTP VPN service.

The best way to opt for a good VPN service is through doing some online research about credibility of the Free PPTP VPN service you are going for. The user reviews and trusted third party reviews may help you figure out the reliability level of a VPN service. Otherwise popular VPN services like PureVPN, ExpressVPN, Cyberghost or Hidemyass with a small subscription charges can prove to be better choice.

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