A List of the Best Web Hosts Right Now

In today’s world, the Internet is everything. Having a decent online presence is of paramount importance, whether you’re starting a business or a laying the foundations of a blog. A decent online presence needs a great website and a great website needs a great web hosts.

Today, we’re going to discuss the features and qualities to look for when selecting a web host for your site. Keeping them in front of us, we’ll also look at the top web hosts in the world right now and the reason behind their popularity.

The things you have to look for are (in decreasing order of importance) space, bandwidth, platform, plugins and finally, cost. Space and bandwidth are more or less self-explanatory. By platform I mean the server operating system (i.e. Linux or Windows). The OS can sometimes be a crucial factor as some applications are better suited to one of the two.

You also need to make sure that the host you’re choosing also supports all the plugins that your application will be utilizing.

The Top 10 Web Hosts List

  1. InMotion Hostinginmotion web host review

    The main reason why I believe InMotion is the web host right now is its out-of-this-world customer service and emphasis on customer satisfaction. Charging only 9 dollars per month for unlimited disk space and a whopping 90-day money back guarantee help of course.


  2. Arvixearvixe web host review

    With the best control panel of all the web hosts tried, Arvixe was easily the only runner-up candidate. Arvixe, like, InMotion comes with a host (pun wholly intended) of security features to minimize downtime and accidental data loss.


  3. JustHostjusthost

    Dirt-cheap prices without skimping on features: that’s what sets JustHost apart from the rest. For a monthly fee of $2.50, you get a whole bunch of tools to get your website up and running. The only downside to JustHost is the scarcity of support agents. As a result users face long wait times before they can finally talk to one.


  4. BlueHostblue host web host review

    This particular web host is known for the near-flawless servers it offers. Almost no latency when sites are loading, no delays when sites are made to go live. Support is generally quick as well. God forbid though, if you ever end up needing tech support: BlueHost only has a handful of tech support agents and even though they are quite willing to help and do a damn good job, have fun trying to get hold of one of them.


  5. GreenGeeksgreen geeks web host review

    GreenGeeks is one web host which is extremely conscious about its carbon footprint and places emphasis on energy-efficiency. If you’re seriously concerned about the environment and want a reliable web host, GreenGeeks is the way to go.


  6. WebHosting Padweb hosting pad review

    This particular webhost would be ideal for people who are getting their first website up and running. They have one gem of a customer support department. Their agents go out of their way to help you get your stuff up and running.


  7. HostGatorhost gator web host review

    HostGator is one of the biggest domain registrars and hosting service providers. Even though it was hit by a barrage of hacks and DDoS attacks at the turn of the decade. HostGator deserves to be here just for the fight it put up as a result.


  8. DreamHostdream host web host review

    Once upon a time, DreamHost used to be the best web host around. It has been steadily losing ground to competitors for a long time now. It’s not the same company anymore though it still has some great starting price plans. The lack of telephone support is a definite yellow flag though.


  9. GoDaddygodaddy web host review

    Do I even need to introduce GoDaddy to you guys? Biggest domain registrar expanded into web hosting services. GoDaddy gives you an edge since your domain and hosting services are combined at one place. Their cPanel setup is quite helpful as well. Some features that come standard in packages from other web hosts are very limited here though. You’ve been warned.


  10. HostMonster hots monster web host review

    Add an above-average web host with amazing site building tools and you get a definite top ten candidate. If you’re looking for basic functionality and aren’t expecting your needs to grow any time soon, HostMonster will prove to be a solid web host.

This will be all for the article guys. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know by commenting below!

Umair Ahmed

Umair is a technology enthusiast who has been tinkering with computers since he was 8. He's currently studying Computer Science.