8 Great Free File Sharing Tools On Internet

The file sharing services are used in abundance worldwide to share videos, songs, software’s, movies with each other. A huge amount of data is transferred everyday through these handy tools.

P2P (Peer to peer) file sharing solves the file sharing problems in more secure and better way. P2P File sharing is much secure and used for being faster.
There are few much popular file sharing software which you might already know and there are a few which are recommended for better file sharing experience. Here we have a list of top file sharing sites and services which come much handy when used for online file sharing, best part is that they are totally free.


A famous name in the world of file sharing is Shareaza which is growing in popularity due its much better and faster P2P file sharing experience. The software has a much powerful search engine which connects its users with great sources of vast torrents and famous P2P networks such as eDonkey, Gnutella and Bitorrent etc. its best features of detecting corrupt or fake files is highly appreciated. It can be downloaded and used without paying a single penny. Best part is this runs without any ads or adware’s.


This free Peer to peer network along with its file sharing software named Ares Galaxy is totally free. It’s a much handy tool with number of good features. It has a well-managed chat service and also supports decentralized music and other types of file sharing. It’s a reliable tool which can be downloaded for free and runs totally free from ads and adware’s.


The much popular P2P file sharing software bitTorrent is used worldwide and has been great tool to share file of any type. The fast and reliable tool is much used for sharing of movies and entertainment videos of by a huge fan following world over. The easy installation and a free software makes it a perfect choice for many internet users in the world.


This has been much popular file sharing program for a long time now. Though fast and easy to use software has been much popular for its reliability and handy features but its network has been declining in popularity due to its unavailability of reaching popular files. There have been criticism on the systems for having adware rooted.


The BearShare a renowned popular client for Gnutella P2P networks is another popular name in the world of file sharing and P2P file transfers systems. This tool can be installed in both free and paid versions. It is much easily installed and has many great built in features.


eMulle has great features and works as free eDonkey client. Its great quality services and large user numbers make it an enhanced eDonkey user client connecting eDonkey and other P2P file sharing networks. The software is produced and well managed by the open source development group. It has one drawback which is its downloading speed compared to other file sharing software’s.


Frostwire is a versatile file sharing tool with a built in media player. The tool supports all the major operating systems such as windows and Mac and can also be installed on android phones. Thouhg its service quality is compatible to popular file sharing tools but due reports of spyware and adware this tools has declined in its popularity. This tool supports large file sharing and magnet links as well.


Last but not the least, The much popular uTorrent is one great handy file sharing tool that is also managed by the same company which manages Bit Torrent. This tool has all the great features which a standard torrent file sharer should have. Both of the tools have a similar user interface but uTorrent is considered more capable of handling large file sharing at high pace. They are free to install and run ads for covering maintenance of the tools. It can also be controlled through smartphone apps like Androids.

All the mentioned tools can be helpful if you are looking for some file sharing online. Other than these above mentioned file sharing tools there are similar tools which you can also take into consideration for your file sharing needs, such as, iMesh, WinMX, KCeasy and Ants. Share your ideas and experience about these tools and other tools for other readers. Wish you fast and secure file sharing.

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