12 Signs You are Suffering Digital Overdose

Technology and media are dominating our lives as never before. Increasingly, we are beginning to feel as if we are drowning under an electronic avalanche of incoming emails, texts and instant messaging. We are struggling with the effects of this continuous deluge of digital data and are becoming aware of the impact that being “on” 24/7 is having on every aspect of our lives. Here are 12 signs that suggest if you are suffering digital overload.

  1. Checking your digital device first thing in the morning, getting up during the night to check for messages, and regularly using some form of digital device in bed
  2. Slipping away from activities with people in order to check email or social networking sites
  3. Checking your smartphone while at a meal with others
  4. Bumping into someone because you were paying attention to your smartphone instead of looking where you were going.
  5. Spending little time outside, rarely taking breaks and often eating at your desk
  6. Finding it hard to complete a task without frequently breaking away to check email or unrelated websites, often checking the same sites repeatedly within a short period of time
  7. Getting distracted easily even when offline and finding it hard to focus fully on one area, or finding yourself unable to switch off your multitasking tendencies even when you’re not multitasking.
  8. Spending little time in face-to-face interactions with friends. Choosing to spend time online rather than going out, preferring to use Skype or FaceTime to see people, even if you live near each other
  9. Being with family members but spending most of your time at home in separate rooms interacting with screens, often finding that one monitor is no longer enough to suit your needs
  10. Frequently using digital devices to entertain and keep a child occupied instead of talking, singing, playing or reading to them
  11. Going online or using a digital device when you feel stressed or want to avoid an unpleasant task. Using the Internet as a way of escaping from problems
  12. Wanting to stop using your smartphone and finding that you just can’t, having tried repeatedly but unsuccessfully to control your Internet use

If you feel more than half of the above signs happen to you, its time to take a break and slowly reduce your online time and reconnect with actual living.  Share it for others if you think this post can be helpful. Thanks

Shaukat Ali

Shaukat Ali Brohi a business graduate is an SEO and passionate Blogger, He writes technology and infotainment articles as founder of PiFeed.