Free Firefox Proxy Add-Ons

free-firefox-proxy-addonsHere is updated list of Free FireFox Proxy Addons which are much demanded by users to use them for accessing websites which are unapproachable the other way. Nowadays, all the major web browsers in the world have their updated version of proxies created in cooperation with the leading free and paid VPN services and web browsers.  Here we have gathered few popular free proxy extensions for Firefox which are being used worldwide for masking IP addresses to unblock sites or to establish secure connections.

FREE Firefox Proxy Add-Ons

FoxyProxy :

At the top of our list we have here FoxyProxy which is one most popular proxy extension for Firefox used by million around the world. Its most appreciated feature is its immediate response to the limited proxying issue of Firefox. Depending upon how the URL is structured the Foxyproxy changes the internet connection automatically to another proxy server. It also allows manual configuration of Firefox to manage alternate web connections, an additional help for repetitive server overlapping according to user settings for connection switching by the Firefox user.

This Firefox extension for proxy is also well compatible with the portable editions of Firefox with high value compatibility features for files. It supports thirty four different languages making it more important proxy extension of Firefox. If you want to have a light and reliable proxy this extension of Firefox can be of great help.


Quickproxy is another great tool for proxy uses that is available as Firefox proxy extension. It can be added as a status button in the browser with ability to switch on and off with just a single touch. The configuration for proxy settings can be done through its preference dialogue box. The fact that the Quickproxy doesn’t have any servers, but it serves as preset proxy tool to switch a user between different web and proxy connection available.

Proxy Switch:

The ProxySwitch is worth mentioning tool that can be added to your Firefox browser as a proxy extension. If your connection through web browser of PC is set to default then for adding another connection you need to go through “Connection Settings” in the menu section. With assistance of Firefox extensions such as Proxyswitch the secure connection problems can easily be solved. This extension helps users to manage all the connections in an easy and smart way making switching of the connections much easier. The tool can be accessed at


The handy Firefox proxy extension AutoProxy is focused on providing safe and confidential internet connection. This tool works a little different, as it asks to add a site address you want surf and then maintains all the proxy switching itself. The proxy rules set by most of the users can be used for own use of navigating different websites. With the similar needs and internet connection like of other users’ one can subscribe to the preset settings easily.


The Firefox extension that works as Glype Proxy client helps users to surf their preferred sites by offering a customized connection with many web based proxies by Glype. The users can change their preferences for using proxy extension that can be accessed through its different installable versions such as in the Toolbar, Status Button or through right clicking a bookmark or a link on any page. The Proxillia extension stand out of other proxy extensions for Firefox and is also compatible with many similar add-ons.

HideMyAss Web Proxy:

Finally we have here Hidemyass web proxy Add-on for Firefox which is offered by much popular VPN service Hidemyass. As official web proxy of Firefox HMA web proxy it offers a great deal of help in unblocking sites for users around the passes the web traffic tunneling through its proxy servers seamlessly. This cool proxy add-on for Firefox allows the proxy administrating users only to access the web logs barring third party interference. This extension hides the original IP of the users to mask it with one of its many servers. The sites like youtube, hulu, Netflix and other geographically locked websites can be unblocked through this tool’s SSL and HTTPs protocols easily. The most censored countries like China,Iran and North Korea use this extension to bypass nationally imposed censorship on thousands of popular websites including Facebook and twitter.

If you are a having troubles to access these proxy add-ons or even Firefox to have all these add-ons on first hand, then the VPN software’s such as Hiedmyass, Hotspotshield, Private internet access, Proxpn and PureVPN can help you in bypassing all the censorship and establish secure connections like PPTP/L2TP in a more efficient way. Most of these popular VPN services already have their proxy extensions or planning to have it anytime soon to facilitate the quick proxy needs of the users worldwide.

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