Get Foolproof Privacy Protection on Digital Devices With These 10 Apps

When you are online, you are always vulnerable to the numerous threats which are hovering in the virtual zone.

There are thieves, eavesdroppers, hackers, viruses, and malware etc which are ready to attack your device and either get hold of the data or render it useless.

Apart from providing an internal security to your device, it is better to rely on something else as well to give added security to it.

It was thought that with the advent of the smartphone, the online privacy will be enhanced but it has made your data and information more defenseless. The cloud systems have provided another easy access to all the hackers.

In such a situation, it is better to rely on some apps or software which provide the highest level of security to your data and system. Some of the best recommendations to protect your privacy are as follows:

10 Apps for Your Privacy Protection

1.      Avast

Being one of the most comprehensive and sought after security app, Avast enables such privacy protection for your device which is unmatchable.

The free version itself is enough to provide all kinds of security for your smartphone, with the paid version it only tends to get better. Easy to navigate, this app is customizable and provides excellent security from all kinds of online threats. The paid version comes at $14.99 per year and makes sure that your phone is well-protected from all kinds of external threat.

2.      Kaspersky

Everybody knows about this well-known name when it comes to providing security for the digital devices. The quality of this app has been proved because of its consistent top ranking as the best security app for the android devices.

The free version is enough to protect your privacy thus permitting the users to get themselves free from the need of installing the premium version. Although there are added features in the paid version like call blocking and phishing protection but they are not so crucial.



3.      NowSecure Mobile

This particular app monitors all the data and other apps in your android or iOS device and warns the user of all the possible risks. There is a news feed as well which alerts you of all the threats to your online privacy making you aware of all the possible dangers

4.      LastPass

This app creates strong and complex passwords for you to keep all your information safe. Not only does this app provide this amazing feature but also helps in storing the passwords. This makes it easy for the user to access all those website or apps which require a password. By paying $12 per year, this app allows syncing of your passwords with other devices as well which allows you to take your password anywhere with your work.

5.      Skycure

This app allows the testing of all the wireless networks before connecting to them be it the local coffee shop or the Wi-Fi network of the airport. Whenever it detects any malicious activity, it not only informs the user but remembers the location as well. This way, it alerts future users as well who might want to connect with the network. All these features are available for free.

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6.      Clueful

This app is very useful as it proposes which of your apps might be the cause of a security breach or threat in the future. Whenever a new app is installed, it scans through it and ranks the app on the basis of their access and usage of the user’s private information. It will notify you every time telling whether the newly installed app is insecure, reasonable, or safe.

7.      Hotspot Shield VPN

With a better customer support, higher bandwidth, and reputable services, this app is highly recommendable if one wants the highest quality of protection for their digital device. This app has two versions – free and paid. The free version allows you to surf the web freely while all your information is encrypted. The advanced paid account doesn’t have much difference apart from the fact that you can enjoy an ad-free experience and can get cloud protection. For people, who frequently use the cloud because of large data, it is better to buy the paid version for $30 per year which will protect your privacy from all ends.

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8.      SafeTrek

This one is a must have the app because it truly serves the security purpose of the smartphone. Whenever caught in an emergency situation, this app will enable you to call for help without even making a call. All you need to do is to hold down the SafeTrek button on your skin. After letting go, the app will prompt you to enter a PIN and in the case of failure to do so, the local police will be informed that you are in danger along with sending them your location with the help of GPS.

9.      360 Mobile Security

If you think that your smartphone is being affected by malware then this app should be your first choice to install. The security features are up to the mark and this one app is enough to take care of all your security related issues. There are some added features as well which can be utilized as per need but otherwise, it is a complete app for privacy protection and that also free of cost.



10. CM Security AppLock

For all the android users out there, this app is a must which boasts a rating of about 4.7 right under 9 million reviews. One of the best things is that this app is entirely free and locks your apps as well as all the chats. It secretly takes the photo of the intruder who tries to mess with your phone and offers fingerprint security for enhanced privacy protection of your phone.

The above-mentioned 10 apps protect your privacy to the fullest and ensure that your experience of using your digital device, accessing any information on the web, or downloading any other app is free from all kinds of malware and other types of threats.

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