webcam privacy

You Are Being Watched

In this advanced era of life, technology is an overwhelming aspect of our lives. While it is definitely a convenience, it brings with it its own dangers. Such is the […]

Internet Security and Protection

Internet Security Threats and Protection

Top Internet Security Threats, (Virus, Malware, Spyware,Trojan, Worms,Phishing,Identity Theft) and Fastest Recovery – Protection used by on millions of devices.


Free Firefox Proxy Add-Ons

Here is updated list of Free FireFox Proxy Addons which are much demanded by users to use them for accessing websites which are unapproachable the other way. Nowadays, all the […]

Online File Sharing and Storage

2016 List of Large File Sharing Sites

As we all know email services do not support heavy file transfers and that’s the reason we look online for different alternatives to send big data files to our peers. Luckily […]


Google Chrome Browser Security Extensions 2015

Google chrome is an internet browser that stands at the top position compared to other browsers. It has maintained its top slot by providing high quality and simple UI, lightning […]