A beginner’s guide to what is a Blog!

Blogging is a talent that not everybody has; this is a talent of sharing the ideas and being best friends with the keyboard in front of you. This is an art that needs not to be learned in school; this passion comes from within you.

Where blog writing was just a hobby, today it is also a career, where writing in ancient times was considered as an insignificant and inferior talent, is now one of the top passions that people are willing to pay you for this. This transition has really made history for the writers and bloggers and also given motivation to the new generation of authors.

So, bloggers also have a bonus. In this article, we’ll talk about what is a blog! & the various steps in successful blogging.

What is a blog?

Okay, so before starting, we need to be clear on some concepts and for that we should first introduce blogging. So the answer to the question what is a blog is here, that there is no science in blogging, it is like keeping a diary but online and publicly, and in short words it is a regularly worked on website created and run by an individual, but could slightly differ from a website.

A website is usually about a company or business who displays all services and information on one platform whereas blogs are on an informal genre and people post related articles on it.

Numerous blogs give analysis on a specific subject or point, going from governmental issues to sports. Some capacity as more personal online journals and others work more as online brand publicizing of a specific individual or organization.



A normal online journal consolidates content, computerized pictures, and connections to different websites, pages, and other media identified with its point. The capacity of pursuers to leave remarks in an intuitive arrangement is a critical commitment to the prevalence of numerous websites.


How to start:

The major question is how and where to start. Here you can opt from paid/hosted and free blogging platforms according to your convenience. WordPress, blogger and many similar FREE blogging platforms can help you start your blog without paying a penny. With some limitations off course, like WordPress free blogs doesn’t allow blog monetization.

Paid/Hosted Blogging

Even if you go for a paid hosted blogging journey you get many options to choose from hosting services and blogging content management systems or blogging software.

So the best among all blog software is wordpress, with almost 72 million active users many people have claimed it to be best blogging platform. It is user-friendly and also it has absolutely free version to sign up omitting you the hassle of payments and stuff.

what-is-a-blog-fact2But before you go for the CMS you need to pick a domain, which is purchased and added to your hosting account to begin installing a blog software. Looking for best webhosts in the market, this post of ours will help you pick the right webhosting service from a list of best webhosts.

If your blog is about health and fitness, choose a name that is subjected to the genre of your blog, usually people stick with general names, but it is always recommended that your blog name revolves around the theme of your blog.

Also be sure to use small names that are easy for people to remember because the last thing you want after doing a lot of effort creating your blog is people forgetting the name and not visiting.

Tip; try opting for common domains like ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ which people tend to visit more. A domain that is relatively unpopular will not serve you the desired edge.

Now go to your hosting account dashboard and look for options to install wordpress. After installing WordPress CMS (content management system) on your domain you can, login to your account and lock a gaze at your new blog website, which you will be very proud of at the end of the process. Congratulations, you’re officially a blog-holder (is that even a word, well you get my point, right?)

Also, with wordpress, you can easily look for hundreds of designs and customizable themes which will make your blog look attractive inviting lots of traffic.

Once you are done with wordpress installation, initial designing and theme selection, its time to publish your first post…wordpress so easy that you don’t need any extra guidelines to begin with.                                                                                                              

Other than WordPress:

If you’re not comfortable with wordpress, don’t fret, the internet is full of user friendly software options that will help you create an amazing blog.

Let’s talk about Weeble first; it is simple and easy to use software with a plug n play design interface giving you full control over the vision of your blog; however you are unable to ban specific words and hateful comments if there are any. All in all, since the designs aren’t complicated, you can give your blog whatever shape and feel you like.

Other than that, you can try out blogger, Tumblr, wiz etc.

Reaching the audience:

No matter what your area of expertise is, if you want maximum traffic on your blog, you need to target your audience by knowing them, like who are they and where they are. You need to choose an area where you can write effortlessly for long and invite people to your blog’s content by participating in online forums and discussions.

SEO is another great way to pull in genuine traffic from popular search engines like Google and Bing. See our SEO section for SEO tips and guidelines.

You can introduce your blog to the right audience by locating them at similar blogs and forums that discuss similar topics that your blog has. Social media sharing is another great option to spread the word about your blog.



Blog Content:

So what should you post about and how often?

Answer is your articles should be interesting and informative in your niche, because let’s face it; internet is all about the gossip. So try to give your articles and blogs an edge to the trendiest topics by providing better information in your blog niche.

A blogger should focus more on the quality of the posts compared to the quantity. You can post once or twice a week depending upon your own routine.

If your articles targeting a niche, are mediocre like many other blogs publishing same stuff with a little spin trust me, your blog will remain unread for decades. So step out of the ordinary and try bringing in your perspective by adding more value for the readers, because people want perspectives to read and that’s why they logged in their laptops in the first place.

Where money jumps in:

Nobody likes doing anything for anybody for free, right? As a blogger you might want to earn through your blog to manage the blog’s expenses. Luckily there are several methods to monetize a blog,


Adsense by Google has been the most popular monetizing tool for the bloggers. Especially its great CPC (cost per click) and CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) rates make it stand out of the crowd.

Adsense is simple to start with, all you need to do is to have a decent blog and apply for the program at their website, once your application is approved, you will get ads to display on your bog almost within in a week.


There are many affiliate programs of the top companies which you can join in to monetize your blog. A wonderful platform of CJAffiliate.com helps you find affiliates to partner up.


Amazon is another great choice if you are looking for making money online through your blog.  Amazon’s affiliate or seller program is easy to join and with passing time you can earn thousands of dollars for selling amazon stuff through your blog’s clicks. Amazon offers a decent amount in commissions to its partners.

Sell your own goods or services

Finally if you want to make money for your blogging efforts through the community you have built with time, you can do this by selling your own products or services.

If you have something to sell like an e-book or you want to offer some services you are expert in for some money than your blog audience is the best place to start with.

Making money online has now been less complicated; all you need is a suitable program which can give you a go and help you start your money-making process.

Tips for bloggers:

  • Do not blog only for money!
  • Always be consistent, blogs take a good time to become popular
  • Know and understand your audience to help you work with what they like
  • Care for the quality of the content not the quantity of the articles
  • Be true to yourself and perspective-anything that comes from within the heart is always more powerful and persuasive
  • Write catchy headlines that attract your audience almost immediately
  • Try to cut down on the exaggeration and subside with the main theme as soon as possible
  • Add in references to create more authenticity
  • Avoid plagiarism to the best of your ability, plagiarized content will always create a negative impact with your image so always be careful
  • Best learners become the best bloggers, these 10 online learning sites for bloggers can help you build a best blog in no time.


Along the journey, always –I repeat, always be aware of scams and frauds. Never settle for anything less than the best and make sure to stick with your policies, always know that you have a responsibility of delivering the right information that others are expecting from you so be sure to verify before publishing.

Also never display your personal information online, like your bank account details or your address or anything, there is a fine chance that your information can be manipulated in the worst ways, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

All things aside, never compromise on quality, as a writer and blogger, always know that your passion comes first so deliver top most quality and guarantee 100% original work so your clients are always satisfied with your competence and sense of responsibility. So start today and make yourself a promising future!

If we missed on something plz share your opinion in comments section below or you liked the post please share it for others, happy blogging……!