The Best Free Google Chrome Social Sharing Extensions

With our very first article on great free extensions for chrome, we are here publishing a series of articles suggesting top Free Chrome browser extensions of great use. Chrome is surpassing all other browsers in world with its fast and handy browsing engine and thousands of extensions. There have been numerous additions in social extensions lately. 

Here is a list of all time best chrome extensions for social sharing which are free as well.

Best Free Social Sharing Chrome Extensions



Buffer is a great tool for sharing on social media sites especially for scheduling posts. A user can avail from this cool chrome extension for posting on top social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at a preset time.

With Buffer you can manage multiple accounts on these sites as well. Buffer button is placed at the top of your chrome’s toolbar where you can easily access it to share pages on social media instantly or go on for scheduled posts.

It allows to integrate other online social and bookmarking tools such as IFTTT, Instapaper and Feedly etc. The posts scheduled for a better timing will go live later, which makes it a handy tool for social media geeks.

Shareaholic – Google Chrome

Shareholic is a great social tool for online social activity. It’s a handy chrome extension for instant access to your favorite social sites. Its user-friendly interface makes access to top social sites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr,  much easier.

Not only this, but the social services supported for direct posting is more than 250 in numbers, it has amazon wish list for different countries and has a builtin URL shortner as well.


Addthis is a multipurpose chrome extension with special social sharing features. You can easily share your favorite content through this handy extension.

Other than its quality social sharing features it can help you bookmark pages, translate text and print webpages. The extension for chrome can work with more than 250 different services such as famous social sites and blogs etc. To register an account you need to log on through its site,

Instagram -Chrome

Instagram being one of the top social sharing sites can be termed as addicting like other top social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The users of Instagram will agree with the fact that it’s a great social portal.

Its smartphone app is also making huge impact on social media for sharing online. With this great extension of “Instagram for chrome” you can easily enjoy instgraming experience in chrome. Sharing photos online is more convenient with this desktop browser version of Instgram.

Social Fixer for Facebook

This is a good chrome social extension dedicated to Facebook only. It provides handy interface required for better experiencing Facebook services in chrome.

I bet Facebook addicts will give it a try for being so feature rich and handy. Users of SocialFixer can enjoy multiple tabs open for different feed, unfriended records, post filtering options and multiple skins options as well.

Silver Bird

Dedicated to twitter this great tool is aimed to provide twitter users great social experience with quality browser integration. It can easily be added to your chrome browser to give you an ultimate tweeting experience.

Silver bird which was previously known as Chrome bird can help users access directly twitter feed from toolbar, share photos with tweets as well. In its compact design multiple twitter accounts can be managed easily.

Social sharing chrome extenstions make your social media campaign a lot easier by reducing time and effort in sharing. Hope u liked these handy chrome extensions for social sharing and other social sharing tools. Which are your favorite chrome social extensions? Please share with us, until we will be back with new handy chrome extensions for a different use.

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