Best Off Page SEO Tips

offpage seo tips

Off-page SEO is not new to webmasters, bloggers and business owners, many people know the importance of Off-Page SEO for a website. According to latest Moz study on SEO factors in 2015 natural links are top search engine ranking factor for rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The SEO depends heavily over both on-page and off-page techniques, deployed efficiently to rank a website’s keywords well on top of the major search engines. The Onpage factors which include efforts while creating a website pages, like Meta title, description settings, proper keyword placing in site content, alt tags and site headings etc. while Off-page is an ongoing process of building quality links to other sites in same niche.

The Off-page SEO efforts help build the image of the site in search engines and also help to generate referral traffic. Remember that any links build by the site owners intending to rank better in search engines are suspicious according to Google. To be safe from any Google search penalty keep your links profile as natural as possible. Here we have gathered some best off-page techniques (keeping in mind the Google penguin updates) which still work if performed in right quantity and quality. The following off-page practices can boost your website traffic and through sources like search engines and referral sites but, before you go for them it is much necessary to understand the concept of unnatural links which harm your search rankings. Make your link building limited to natural looking links only.

Off Page SEO Tips

Off Page SEO by Social Sites

The social media has been a great source of attracting and pulling in traffic to the websites. According to recent research it has been found that Facebook has surpassed Google as best news source in the world. The traffic that’s referred to news sites is much more than Google search. If your sites have social media presence than try to engage more people by posting quality updates and creating communities. This way you can have a great traffic boost for your websites.

Off Page SEO by Social Bookmarking

The Top social sites like reddit, stumbleupon, digg and delicious can be a great source to pull traffic to your site but their links directing to your site can also help you improve the search presence for different queries. Make sure your regularly post updates with quality content on these popular social sites.

Off Page SEO by Guest Posting

This is one of the old and trusted method of building link and improving website visibility online. The guest posting websites which make sure you get your share of traffic and also help you in building links as well. Try making a list of popular guest posting sites of the same niche and publish some great quality content that not only pulls traffic to your site but also increases your worth as an author.

Off Page SEO by Media Sites

The photography sites like flicker, shutterstock and pinterest, video playing sites like youtube, daily motion, metacafe and vimeo can also be used for your Offpage campaign. The Skills that are needed to post online at these sites might be hard for you which can be solved through hiring youtube video creators and professional photography and design experts. The links and traffic opportunities from such sites are much higher and can also help build improved website presence on World Wide Web.

Off Page SEO by Syndication Sites

The sites like Tribber, blogengage and Networked blogs are some great resources for your website’s offpage SEO campaign. They sync new posts and pages through RSS feed urls. The links and traffic can be of great use to generate more revenue through page views.

Off Page SEO by Forums Participation

The Forums are online platforms where members discuss topics ask questions and find answers with the help of each other. The most popular forums such as warriorforum, digitalpoint and seochat forum are visited by millions of people every day. Posting a link that helps someone on the forum not only solve someone’s problem but can also boost your offpage score. Remember these forums have some strict rules against spammers who join these sites with the only intention of link building.

Tip: don’t spam.

Off Page SEO by QA Sites

You can find a lot of QA sites where people from all over the world come to find answers for their burning questions. The QA sites such as Ask. Answers, and Quora are some popular venues with millions of visitors each day. These sites can be a great Offpage SEO avenues to benefit easily. The QA sites have strong spam check and moderators which keep the sites up and running free from spam questions and answers. Tip; again never post spam.

Off Page SEO by blog commenting

If you avoid very good nice post, kind of comments and only post when it is necessary at relevant sites you can win at Offpage SEO. Make sure that avoid posting too many comments on same site in such case if too many sites reported your profile as spam your IP and profile would permanently be listed in the spam list and you won’t be able to comment on top sites. To spread awareness about your brand the commenting on the same niche sites can help a lot.

Off Page SEO by Directory Submission

The directories such as Dmoz and Yahoo Directory are must to submit, for every niche site. These are huge databases of sites where people gather to find their sites. The directory submissions not only help in traffic generation but can also be a potential SEO factor for better SERP rankings.


I read a very nice comment on a Moz blog that said, Google hates link schemes and any link which is placed on another site and does not generate any referral traffic is a bad link. Offpage SEO is much important for your website traffic and search engine rankings. The Offpage SEO has changed since penguin updates by Google. Therefore it is important to be aware and follow all the webmaster guidelines before deploying Offpage SEO for your sites. It is also important that you check if the links generated through your OffPage efforts are dofollow links. There are various tools to check if the sites are linking with dofollow or no follow links. The No Follow links pointing to your site can only serve as referral traffic sources.

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