5 Legit Ways To Earn Online Right Now

You are reading this post which hints that there are good chances that you have been pursuing the methods of making money online or interested to do so.

Everybody wishes to work comfortably and earn high incomes and internet earning is something of great value in this regard.

Many people are looking for answer to their questions of “Is internet earning real or just a hoax? How people earn online?” Answer to your questions is described briefly in following lines. So stay tuned…! 

Online earning is one of the top benefits of the internet technology. People these days are looking for the internet earning methods because of high profits with very less efforts. But it takes a little bit of awareness and experience to earn high online work and income in a right and legal way from your own home.

Many have already built fortune for themselves by engaging in online jobs, blogging, business entrepreneurship etc., few top methods of making money online include the following; 

Online Jobs

Earning from your skills is always a satisfying, it’s easiest way of earning online just by selling your work and getting paid.

There are various online job portals where you can sell your work based on your skills and experience, like millions of people who are already working since years as IT professionals, writers and artists etc,  such as upwork.com (formerly ODesk), PPH (Pay Per Hour), Freelancer.com.

All you have to do is to

  • create your work profile,
  • give some tests related to your work field,
  • select the rates per hour you will charge
  • Finally apply for jobs you like to do and get paid.

These work platforms charge a little amount for their services which is good for keeping up the good work. More positive reviews you get from the employers for your quality of work more are the chances to get better work and pay.


Online Sales

This is also one of the best ways to earn high incomes, it needs a little creativity and good management skills. There are various online marketplaces like amazon.com ebay.com and alibaba.com where you can place your goods in an online shop for selling.

Online selling needs right strategy of selling things in high demand and good returns.


  • Sign up for a marketplace where rates of return and consumer base are high (amazon.com)
  • Collect good stock of good and clear product images with price tags.
  • Some local marketplaces for India, ebay.in and www.indiabazaar.com, for Pakistan www.daraz.pk and www.olx.com.pk .
  • Setting up online store at these places is also described clearly during their sign up process.
  • If you own a blog you can place amazon product ads on your blog to earn commissions on product sales.


Book publishing

If you are good at writing stories, novels, poetry or any other type writing skills then you are much closer to online earning goal.

There are various online platforms where you can sell your own written book in pdf or any other format. Sites like amazon.com are best places to sell your book and earn a handsome income.

Amazon’s “Kindle Direct Publishing”  is free and easy service for online book publishing and selling.


Developing and selling apps

Keeping in mind the increasing number of smartphone users worldwide the application development is a business with very high scope of profits. A person with hands on smartphone’s application development can earn high income by selling their developed apps online.

Android’s online Play Store offers free platform services to sell apps online to a very high number of customer base.

Even if you are unaware of the basics of developing applications, still there are high hopes for your endeavors as internet website with application development tutorials and online learning centers can help get the required skills in a matter of months.

Selling your iOS developed apps can be done through apples online store named itunes.  With creative ideas like WhatsApp and SnapChat people have already become rich and wealthy, you can also win millions for your unique idea.


Blogging Income

Many people have natural skills for writing and sharing their knowledge, if you are one of gifted people then blogging is a way to earn a little extra income. 

Unless you want to go pro on blogging, all you need to do is to develop an interesting blog with content that is worth reading and helps readers with what they are looking for and interests you too and rest is done.

The internet is a huge world and there are millions of online users continuously looking for useful information or entertainment. Once you have built your reader base it’s time to go for some advertising revenue by applying for online advertising agencies like Adsense/amazon and other affiliates.

There are various advertising platforms which can be used for online blog earning as well. The Adsense program pays its publishers (bloggers) based on the number page views and legit clicks on its ads. 

You can create your own blog by buying a unique domain and hosting from a hosting provider or by using a free blog service like blogger.com. The rule of thumb for success in blogging is providing quality content with good information.

All the above methods for earning online are accurate and used worldwide by capable people. With few efforts and good management skills anyone can start earning through internet.

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