How To Create a Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for a way to start your own blog? Well, the luck is on your side today because we are about to tell you the easiest and most convenient steps involved in this process.

There is no need to have deep knowledge about HTML, coding, or even graphic designing but the foremost and, I must say, the only thing that matters & required from you is to be a good writer. You need to have a command of the words and must have the ability to convince the readers. Follow these steps to create a blog:

 create a blog

Steps Involved to Create a Blog

Step 1: Niche Search

It is very important to come up with the right kind of niche. You just cannot choose anything and start writing on it, instead, a lot of command and interest is required from your side on the subject. You’ll only enjoy talking about those things which are of interest to you, otherwise, you’ll only be wasting your effort.

Step 2: Domain Search to Create a Blog

Keep in mind that the name of your domain must be short and catchy. The best thing would be to include a keyword in it. Target your area and it is advisable not to use numbers or hyphens in it. This will make you easily searchable on the internet and memorable amongst your audience. For brainstorming on suitable domain names this tool here seems to be much helpful.create a blog

Step 3: Hosting Search to Create a Blog

You must be well aware of all your hosting needs, therefore, while investigating for the host, look for reliability and uptime guarantees. Also, keep a check on the upgrading options in order to know whether they suit you or not. Here is a list of best web hosts right now.


Step 4: Installing WordPress on Your New Blog

All you need to do is to download WordPress and upload it to your hosting account’s domain/home folder also called root. configure it according to your data. Run and complete the installation and you are only one step away from creating a blog post.

Another way to install WordPress is through your hosting control panel. Your selected hosting account dashboard should have option to install WordPress in it. Our post on what is a blog for beginners can help you install WordPress easily on your domain. Also couldn’t find a better guide on WordPress installation than this one here, where every detail is well described in steps.

create a blog


Step 5: Your First Post

There you go, you are ready to start writing your first blog post which will be a milestone in achieving your dream of becoming a writer. After you installed the WordPress CMS correctly, you will have to use its dashboard for new posting and other activities.


Keep the following things in mind if you want to create a blog which is influential and establishes you as a great writer in the market.

  • Though WordPress software comes with some interesting built-in themes, you can also look for more themes online or from Appearance>Themes and search section for an impressive appearance of your blog.
  • Your content must be very well-organized and your thoughts must be put across in the most effective manner.
  • The title and the intro should be catchy as well interesting to retain the attention of the readers.
  • Optimize it with keywords but do then go overboard with them while you create a blog.
  • Write for the audience and not for yourself.
  • Use SEO plugins like “Yoast SEO” to make your blog search engine friendly
  • Use social media to pull in visitors to your new blog.
  • Be very careful while choosing your stance, you definitely do not want to hurt the sentiments of any section of the audiences.
  • Proofread your work and fix the minor errors. No one wants to read something which has spelling or grammatical errors.



Writing is about crafting a magic through your words. While you create a blog, if you are able to become a magician of words then you’ll be making a lot of fans who would love to follow you and will be directly influenced by your opinions.

Hope this post helped you in creating a new blog, please share it on social media for others. Good luck with your blogging journey…!


credits: free image by Pixabay