5 Ways You Can Get More Useful Insights From Google Analytics

I bet you will learn new tricks to use Google Analytics after reading this post. Google Analytics is a great tool to have insights for effective decision-making.

Just like most common usage of Google Analytics, it should not be limited to just monitoring the traffic flow and keyword performance, but we can make a great use of this great tool through many extra ordinary ways. Here are five more ways you can better use your GA account.

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1. Find Best Performing Content

You can check your top performing pages in Google Analytics, the content pages where your users are spending their most of the time and build similar content strategies.

A simple way to find out your best performing pages is by selecting a long-range of traffic, you can select three months in the date section

Go to the “All Pages” under “Site Content” section

And then select the icon marked in the following picture,

analytics referral spam

You will see green bars, longest green bars show your top performing pages. You can add this report by clicking “Add to Dashboard’ and it will appear as shortcut for easy access.

2. Find and Improve Your Worst Performing Pages

You can find your worst performing pages by following these simple steps,

Go to the “Exit Pages” under “Site Content” and you will find the pages with highest exit percentage in the selected date range.

This report is highly helpful to find out holes in your content marketing strategy and work to fill the necessary gaps.

3. Analyse Your Site Speed

Have you been using online site speed testing tools to check your site’s load time? if yes than you should be aware that they archive every URL tested through their tools which is bad for your link profile.

It contradicts with Google’s webmaster guidance and can attract a Penguin penalty if you do not add speed testing domains to your Disavow list. 

You don’t have to go through all that if you know that your Google analytics can help you check not only your current site load time but you can go through detailed site speed analysis with particular dates and pages.

Just click on the “Site Speed” tab under “Behavior”.

4. Bring In New Customized Dashboard

The wide array of Google Analytics Features also includes, customizing dashboard for users.

You can have your personalized Custom Dashboard for easy access to the areas of your interest. To avoid digging into too many menus and reports, just click on the “Dashboards” and then “+New Dashboards”

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5. Use Filters to Block Referral Spam

Many of webmasters face spam traffic problems in analytics reports which affects the proper decision-making process. There are spam traffic sources which appear in Referral section. The most common referral spam sources including, keywords-monitoring-your-success.com, buttons-for-website.com, see-your-website-here.com, Darodar.com, econom.co, and ilovevitaly.com. etc


These spam bots can be blocked from ruining your site analytics data by adding these sites to the filters.

just go to , Admin->All Filters-> +Add Filter->

Name the filter like referral spam 1, ->click custom tab, -> Select “Campaign Source” in filter field,

–>in the filter Pattern Text box; enter the following list in the same pattern, or your own list of spam URLs,

keywords-monitoring-your-success.com|buttons-for-website.com|see-your-website-here.com| Darodar.com|econom.co|ilovevitaly.com

After that click Save to complete the process. You can find a detailed referral spam filtering guide here as well

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