11 Most Effective Tactics To Become “A Successful Blogger”

A big fact that, many bloggers fail to become successful bloggers because of less blogging awareness.

You see, blogging is not as easy as it may seem. There are some aspects you need to know if you want to turn your blogging passion into success. As you will discover, writing great articles will not be enough & you will need to create some good habits and put more efforts to become a successful blogger.

Many people start blogging because it can become a great way to make an income and work at home, or from anywhere they want. But, even so, not very many manage to make it successfully, because of the same reason, “making money”!

In other words, even after you create a blog, you need to be aware that making money through your blog shouldn’t be the primary reason of your blogging. Blogging was meant to share thoughts, ideas and information to others. 

In the following lines, you will discover, Most effective tactics to become a “successful blogger”.


  1. Spend time on planning to create a blog

Like the famous saying, failing to plan is the planning to fail. There isn’t just a strategy, because there is also a plan. Yes, you will have to be very organized if you plan to become a reputable blogger. It is not just enough to create a blog.

The people that present blogging as an ideal way to present your ideas to the world are not giving you the whole truth. There is a lot of hard work and research behind a blogger that ended up having a lot of authority online.

There are so many blogs out there, there has to be something to set them apart. In fact, there are many things that set blogs apart, separating them into successful and not.

Plan from day 1, to make your blog provide value to the readers and be different from other blogs.


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  1. Be consistent

Believe it or not, blog readers love consistency. For this, you will have to compose a rigorous schedule for blog posts. In this schedule, you will set the dates and titles of each blog post.

Also, decide how often you will post on your blog. Will it be once a week? Or perhaps twice a week? Whatever you decide, make sure to respect the same days of the week for your new posts.

Thus, people will learn when to come back. Also, allow time for proper research, so don’t rush into it. If you need a whole week to write a blog post, then post only once a week. Quality is a must.

  1. Create a predictable pattern for a successful blog

Now that you decided when to regularly post on your blog, you need to do something else. Now and then, throw in a piece of interesting content. Consider it like offering a treat for your readers, make it fresh, captivating, and useful. The idea is to make readers check your blog rather often, for your new posts. This is why you will have to create a predictable pattern for these “candies”, to create a blog that leads, so that your readers can guess when the next will come in.

  1. Be present only on one media channel

Don’t spent time and effort to be present on every media channels, because that’s not a viable solution. At least for beginners, it is best to pick one single channel, and be consistent there. Master at a single media channel at first and work on creating a great presence that everybody will like to follow.


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  1. Understand and engage your audience

A great blogger will always know his audience. This is why you need to do research about them, find out what they need, what they like, and what are their preferences. Once you have enough info about your niche of readers, do your best to engage them. You can do that by relating to them as they were your friends.

  1. Don’t forget about outreach

Unroll regular surveys and e-mail poll to find out more about your audience, so you will know what to write about. Don’t rely too much on shares on social media, because they don’t mean that much.

Once you know what your readers are craving for, don’t just write for your blog but find opportunities to write for blogs that are in the same niche with yours. It will help you build your brand and you will earn traffic from sites with high authority.

  1. Make your blog personal

When we are talking about personalization, we don’t make reference to your preferences. Instead, try to make it personal for your reader. Try offering features that will make a visitor feel that the blog is tailor-made for him or her.


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  1. User experience counts a lot

Shortly put, you need to make people want to stay on your blog.  Whenever you can, try to personalize your experience. And make your blog easy to navigate on, as much as possible. Readers love getting around a blog fast and easy, and find the info there are interested in without too much effort and waste of time.

  1. Your blog should create a brand

The blog you make should be the image of a brand. This brand has to end up being liked by as many people as possible. So, create the blog like no other. Don’t be rigid and explore all the opportunities. Even if you write, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a style of blog and brand of your own.


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  1. Don’t be selfish when it comes to giving away

You probably heard a lot of bloggers saying that the best content you can make should be saved for paid posts. Well, it’s not like that at all. You have to show people that you care about their interests and work for their benefit. This is how you will make people love your blog and even buy whatever you will sell, later on. So, give away your best content, or at least a very good part of it. Show them that you care and that you want them to be successful. Share the complete information you got for others to succeed as well.

  1. Work to create a connection through blog

You don’t just have to write blog posts. You need to make them personal stories by putting yourself in them. This way, your readers will be able to identify themselves with the story. The beauty of a blog you create is that they can see the humane side of the story, in comparison to books and magazines.

  • Conclusion

It will take time, patience, and a lot of work to find the perfect recipe that will teach you how to become a successful blogger and create a blog that becomes popular. But, if you are set out to do it and remain faithful to your goal, you will make it.

Go for it one step at a time and do everything right. Now that you found out valuable blogging tips, shared by several successful bloggers, you know what their secret is. All you need to do is start working on it.

Remember, When it comes to how to blog, there isn’t a particular recipe that works for everybody. You will have to test things and see what works best for your blog and audience. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with your ideas, because they may be the best.

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