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The PiFeed (Project Internet Feeds) is project initiated for providing useful information or infotainment to readers looking for BLOGGING methods and tips, INTERNET SECURITY, VPNs and other technology topics.

Our journey to become one of the trusted sources of information for internet has begun with Pifeed’s categories including,

BLOGGING” which is the central topic of Pifeed. As we are too going through blogging journey of our own, we know how much blogging tips and information with accuracy is important for bloggers.  Bloggers can avail from highly valuable blogging tips in our blogging posts.

INTERNET SECURITY” is a great addition for our readers to be aware of the security risks they pose while online and how to protect.

VPN” section holds most important guides and tips on Virtual Private Network tools. Readers can trust the information for awareness, configuration and selection of  best vpn tools for their use.

MORE” is an interesting category of Pifeed with knowledgeable posts on various topics mostly internet Technology.

The Team of authors and guest authors, including Shaukat Ali, Geno Jones,  Sophie Grace, Umair & Maria Ilyas work hard to publish quality information through their posts by being up to date and helpful to readers.

The aim of Pifeed is to be a helping hand in solving problems and guiding readers in the right direction in the areas of Blogging, VPN, & Internet Security. WE believe we can achieve this goal, By believing in value of knowledge and providing just information to our readers. By being original, true and in sync with current technology. By being committed to our Privacy Policy for users.

NOTE: All the text content is unique and is the property of Pifeed; while we also use images from declared sources which allow their image usage with modification happily.  


Meet The Team

Founder, CEO

Founder and CEO of PiFeed. Shaukat Ali is the man behind the idea of Pifeed.

He is a business graduate and has been associated with many internet firms in Pakistan, India and Canada as an in-house and freelance Digital Marketer/SEO expert.

You can reach him by dropping an email to him directly at shaukat@pifeed.net /or connecting through his social media profiles.

Founder & Developer

Shahid is the experienced Web developer and Marketing consultant at Pifeed.

He wears the chief developer’s  ha but his roles are diverse and include consultation in various areas.

You can reach him at his social-media profiles or by dropping an email at admin(@)pifeed.net.


Contributing Author


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There are various reasons to contact us, i.e; for Guest Posts (We welcome quality guest posts), Advertising, Feedback/Suggestions or other queries.

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